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View Traffic by Day of the Week

Day of the weekview at full size

You can display session by day of the week in a custom report.

Over the last six months, which day of the week saw the most visits to your site?

You won’t find an answer, at least not in aggregated numbers, within the standard Google Analytics reports, but we can easily display this data in a custom report.

First step is to create a custom report in Explorer format, with Day of Week Name defined as the primary dimension and Session (as well as other metrics, such as Bounce Rate, as needed) as the metric.

Once we display the custom report, we can apply Day of Week (as the numbers 0-6) as a secondary dimension so we can sort the report from first day of the week to last (Sunday-Friday). We can also apply alternate displays, such as Percentage or Performance, instead of the default Data display.

Don’t forget to take advantage of custom reports. They’re easy to use and available individually to each user, and they often allow you to display dimensions and metrics in ways that are not possible in the standard reports.

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