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Verify Tracking Code with Google Tag Assistant for Chrome

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You can use Google Tag Assistant to verify the installation of the Google Analytics tracking code.

In a previous post, we checked our Google Analytics tracking code installation through Chrome Developer Tools. There is now a specific Chrome tool – Google Tag Assistant extension for Chrome – that you can use to verify the Google Analytics tracking code on any webpage, along with other Google code snippets such as AdWords conversion tracking.

Tag Assistant is useful for validating that the tracking code is present and functioning correctly, and also for quickly inspecting the code, which is useful to verify variations to the standard code, such as _setDomainName for cross-domain tracking.

Remember that you are not limited to using these tools on your own websites. You can use Tag Assistant, for example, to quickly determine the presence of the Google Analytics tracking code on any website. (If Tag Assistant tells you that the tracking code is not working correctly, you can do your good deed for the day by informing the owners of the site.)

For more information on Tag Assistant, see the Google help pages and the Google Analytics blog.

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