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Use the Landing Pages Report to Isolate Self-Referrals

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With Full Referrer as a secondary dimension, the Landing Pages report can identify cross-domain issues.

In a recent post, we identified missing tracking code and incorrect cross-domain setup as the two primary causes of self-referrals manifesting in the Referrals report within Google Analytics.

We can take advantage of the Landing Pages report to isolate both of these issues. Specifically, if we apply Full Referral as a secondary dimension, and also apply the built-in Referral Traffic advanced segment just to temporarily hide other traffic mediums, you can see specifically where the breakdown is occurring.

• If the landing page and full referrer are on the same domain, the referring page is probably missing the Google Analytics tracking code. Easy fix: include the tracking code.

• If the landing page and full referrer are on different domains (main site and checkout site, as an example), you have probably not configured cross-domain tracking correctly. We’ll examine cross-domain setup in an upcoming post.

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