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Understand the Migration to Google Analytics Universal: Flowchart and Video

Flowchart for Google Analytics Universal Migrationview at full size

The flowchart maps out the steps required for Google Analytics Universal migration.

Google announced yesterday that Google Analytics Universal has launched out of beta. What does this mean?

For most Google Analytics users, this means that you can now enable the Demographics and Interests reports and use remarketing segments, functionalities heretofore reserved for Google Analytics Classic.

More generally, it means that you need to start thinking about your migration to Google Analytics Universal if you haven’t already. While Google Analytics Classic (ga.js tracking code) is supposed to be supported for up to two more years, new features will be available only in Universal (analytics.js tracking code), so don’t delay in planning the switch from the version of Google Analytics that is now officially deprecated.

That said, much of the discussion around Universal has centered around new features such as the Measurement Protocol and cross-device tracking. While these are welcome additions, you first need to focus on the basics of transferring your properties to Universal and making the necessary coding changes. To this end, the E-Nor team has put together a flowchart and video to help with your migration.

The switch to Universal doesn’t have to be complicated. The flowchart and video should help to clarify the overall process and highlight the special technical considerations.

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