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Track Search Behavior with Google Trends

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Google Trends displays search data as far back as 2004.

As intently as we must focus on the websites that we track, Web analytics doesn’t exist in a vacuum. We must remain aware of events that affect our industries and seasonal behaviors demonstrated by our target audiences.

Using Google Trends, you can chart search volume by keyword in Google since 2004. This data is helpful in many scenarios:

  • You’ve started working on analytics with a company that sells ski accessories and want to know seasonal trends for search terms such as “ski wax” and “ski goggles”.
  • You’re advising on the redesign and content refresh of an automobile insurance website and are wondering if more people search for “auto insurance” or “car insurance”.
  • You’re surprised that sales of home seismology kits on your amateur vulcanologist website did not spike after recent seismic activity and need to determine if this conformed with general search trends.

In this way, Google Trends can provide a broader context for visitor volume and behavior on your website and is therefore a worthwhile addition to your Web analytics toolkit.

As a note, make sure that you’re logged into Google when you access Google Trends – you’ll get more data.

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