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To Filter for Australia and New Zealand, Use a Single Regex with the Pipe Symbol

Profile filter with pipe symbolview at full size

For multiple dimension values, use a single profile filter with the regex pipe symbol.

Let’s say that you manage a website that sells ski equipment and that you want to create a Google Analytics profile specifically for Australia and New Zealand. It might seem logical to apply two include filters: one for Australia and one for New Zealand. The problem is that the first include filter would irrevocably exclude all traffic that didn’t match the dimension value specified, so applying additional include filters for different values of that same dimension would be pointless.

Regular Expressions to the rescue!

To achieve our objective, we need only to apply a single profile filter that specifies both dimension values separated by the regex pipe symbol (|), which, very simply, means “or”.

In this way, we include both Australia and New Zealand with a single filter. You can use the pipe symbol for the same purpose in advanced segments and advanced table filters.

And if you’d like to create a more comprehensive filter for Southern Hemisphere ski spots, you can use the pipe symbol with multiple values:

Australia|New Zealand|Argentina|Chile|Brazil|South Africa

(As a note, skiing is actually available in all of these countries.)

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