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Take Advantage of Google Webmaster Tools

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You can filter the Search Queries report in GWT for user searches initiated on smartphones and in specific countries.

While Google Analytics reports are based primarily on user interactions with your website, Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) tells you:

  • what the Google search spider (known affectionately as Googlebot) sees when crawling your site
  • user search activity within the Google search engine

The natural connection between search engine optimization and Web analytics makes the GWT data, such as the following, a useful complement to Google Analytics:

  • broken links on your site
  • prevalence of specific keyword phrases on your site
  • impressions, clickthroughs, and average rankings for user search terms on Google, filterable by country and for smartphone
  • page load time in comparison to other websites
  • optimization issues regarding page titles and meta descriptions
  • optimization warnings, such as the detection of unnatural inbound links

If you haven’t done so already, you can very easily gain access to GWT for a specific website, especially if you already have Google Analytics admin rights for that site.

Even if you’re not responsible specifically for search engine optimization, and even though you can integrate some GWT search data into Google Analytics, it’s worth the direct trip to google.com/webmasters to view the full range of reports.

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