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Table Filters are Interpreted as Regular Expressions, So You Must “Escape” Question Marks

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Table filters are interpreted as regular expressions.

Though it’s not indicated anywhere in the interface, the table filter field in Google Analytics reports is interpreted as a regular expression (or “regex” for short).

In regex notation, there are two types of characters: literal characters and metacharacters. If you’re trying to filter your Pages report to display pages that contain article.aspx?id=, you must “escape” the question mark with a \ character so the ? acts as a literal character. Otherwise, the ? will be interpreted as metacharacter – specifically, a quantifier meaning zero or one of the previous character.

To further illustrate, if you enter article.aspx?id= into the filter field, you’ll match any pages that contain article.aspid= or article.aspxid=, but not article.aspx?id=, since the question mark is interpreted as a regular expression metacharacter and not as a literal. If you enter article.aspx\?id= into the filter field, you’ll match any page that contains article.aspx?id= since the question mark is now interpreted literally.

By escaping the question mark, we “escape” interpretation of the character following the \ as a regex metacharacter and allow it to act as a literal character.

Note as well that in proper regex notation, all literal . characters are also escaped so they’re not interpreted as the wildcard metacharacter that matches any single literal character. The filter article.aspx\?id= would also match pages that contained articlesaspx?id= and article-aspx?id= because the . is acting as a metacharacter. To restrict the match to article.aspx\?id=, you’d need to also escape the . as in article\.aspx\?id= and thereby force the . to be interpreted literally.

Don’t feel that you need to memorize regular expression notations. Know the principles, and download a cheat sheet at: http://www.e-nor.com/blog/google-analytics/google-analytics-regex-and-keyboard-shortcuts-desktop-backgrounds

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