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Spot-Check Your Google Analytics Events in Different Browsers

Browser and OS Reportview at full size

Using your Browser & OS report as a reference and Real-Time reports for testing, you can verify that your events execute in different browsers.

Different browsers can behave quite differently. When you add code for an event or a virtual page to your site, it can be helpful to verify event execution as follows:

1. Refer to the Browser & OS report report.

2. Select Browser as the primary dimension and Operating System as the secondary dimension (or vice versa) to display the most-used browser/OS combinations for your visitors.

3. Preferably in a testing/development environment for your website, and using a Google Analytics profile that is filtered to display activity only for the hostname of the testing/development environment, visit the site and perform the activity that is coded to generate the event.

4. Check the event in the Real-Time > Events report.

The following browser/OS combinations account for much of the traffic to many websites:

• Firefox on Windows

• Firefox on Mac

• Chrome on Windows

• Chrome on Mac

• Internet Explorer on Windows

• Safari on Mac

• Safari on iOS (iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch)

As explained above, refer to your Browser & OS report to view the browser/OS breakdown for your own visitors.

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