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Set Up Custom Email Alerts

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With custom alerts, you can receive email notifications for critical changes that you specify.

Google Analytics automatically generates daily, weekly, and monthly Intelligence Alerts based on changes in activity for various audience segments.

While these alerts can be very helpful in identifying trends or anomalies that you may not have otherwise noticed, they do present certain drawbacks:

  • The number of less relevant alerts may overwhelm those that you really need to be aware of. For instance, a 50% weekly increase in the bounce rate for one of your pay-per-click landing pages might be hidden among alerts such as conversion rate decrease for visitors from a specific geographic area, which may not be as important or actionable.
  • For automatic alerts – again, alerts that you have not yourself set up – you can’t receive email notifications. You can view these alerts only in the Intelligence Alerts reports within Google Analytics.

If, on the other hand, you configure your own custom alerts, you can focus more precisely on the metrics and audience segments that are for you the most crucial, and you can also configure email notifications to be sent to yourself and others each time the alerts are triggered. (Within the United States, you can also configure text notifications.)

In an upcoming post, we’ll examine special uses of custom alerts based on goals.

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