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Per Visit Value Gauges Overall Site Effectiveness

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With the Ecommerce selected as the metrics group, the Acquisition reports can display Per Visit Value.

Similarly to the neglected but extremely useful Page Value metric, the helpful Per Visit Value and Per Visit Goal Value metrics can be easily overlooked in Google Analytics.

It is overlooked perhaps because it does not display in any report by default. To view this important metric, you must select the Ecommerce metrics group within any of your Acquisition reports.

If you haven’t configured Ecommerce tracking but you have set up multiple monetized goals, you can instead select a Goal Set n metrics group in your Acquisition reports to display Per Visit Goal Value, which is the equivalent of Per Visit Value for goals instead of Ecommerce.

In either case, you can take advantage of these metrics to track your site’s overall effectiveness over time in generating higher-value Ecommerce transactions and goal conversions.

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