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Understand and Use the Page Value Metric

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Page Value helps you gauge a page’s effectiveness.

If the primary purpose of your website is goal completion or ecommerce transactions, Page Value is arguably the most important metric displayed in the Google Analytics Content reports.

Based on goal and ecommerce value, Page Value measures a page’s contributions to goals and ecommerce quite cleanly and directly.

Let’s look at one goal and two pages on your real estate website.

Your Goal URL is the thank-you page for a lead submission. Based on close rates for submitted leads, you have indicated a goal value of $800 USD when setting up your goal.

The two pages are Our Agents and Home Listings. Last month, Our Agents was viewed during 1000 visits, and a lead was submitted 500 times after Our Agents was viewed one or more times during the same visit. Home Listings was viewed during 2000 visits, with 700 leads submitted.

For Our Agents, we can calculate Page Value as follows:

(500 goal completions after a unique Our Agents pageview x $800)/1000 visits =
$400 Page Value

For Home Listings:

(700 goal completions after a unique Home Listings pageview x $800)/2000 visits =
$280 Page Value

Two notes:

• the pageview must occur at least once before the goal completion or ecommerce transaction to count towards Page Value

• multiple pageviews during the same visit do not affect the Page Value calculation

Also, you should consider assigning goal values even to goals, as in this example, that are not directly monetized so you can take advantage of Page Value.

As for actionable conclusions, you can, in this case, make Our Agents more prominent and measure the effect on overall conversion rate.

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