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Main Causes of Self-Referrals: Missing Tracking Code and Incorrect Cross-Domain Setup

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The occurrence of your own website in the referrals report usually indicates missing tracking code or incorrect cross-domain setup.

It’s normal to see a few occurrences of your own website in your Referrals report. If a visitor waits more than 30 minutes between two page accesses on your site, the second pageview will count as new session, with medium as referral and source as your own domain.

If, however, the Referrals report shows a significant number of self-referrals, you’re probably dealing with either of the two issues below:

• One or more pages on your site are missing the Google Analyitcs tracking code.

• You are using the same tracking code on more than one domain and have not correctly cross-domain tracking (for a shopping cart that resides on a separate domain, as one example).

In upcoming posts, we’ll use the Landing Pages report to isolate both of these issues, and we’ll walk through correct setup for cross-domain tracking.

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