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Isolating an Error to a Specific Browser Version

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Goal 1 Completion Rate for visitors using Firefox 16 was 92.69% lower than the site average.

Here’s a tip relating to a Javascript error that was occurring in the browser and therefore not detectable as an error page redirect originating on the server, which was discussed in a post earlier this week.

As admin for the Google Analytics Test project, I received detailed and very helpful email yesterday from a participant stating that he was encountering an error on the setup page of the site while using Firefox 16 as his browser.

Once I duplicated this error in my own installation of Firefox 16, I logged into GA, drilled down to Firefox 16 in the Browser & OS report, and saw that the Conversion Rate for Goal 1 (beginning the test) was only 2.90% for the previous week. Goal 1 Conversion Rates for earlier versions of Firefox, and for other browsers, were much closer to the site average of 39.64%.

I also saw the number Firefox 16 visitors likely impacted by this error in the previous week: 69.

Fortunately, the outstanding Firefox maintenance team at Mozilla was able to provide a quick fix for www.googleanalyticstest.com. (The problem: incompatibility of Firefox 16 with an old version of jQuery that I was still running.) And thanks to Google Analytics, and to the participant’s email, I had been able to isolate the error to a specific browser version and to determine how many visitors had been affected.

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