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Identify Broken Inbound Links with Google Webmaster Tools Crawl Errors

Google Webmaster Tools Crawl Errorsview at full size

Google Webmaster Tools lists the external pages that contain broken inbound links.

Although Google Webmaster Tools analyzes your website from the perspective of the Google search engine rather that visitor activity that occurs directly on your site, it does provide critical information that can help you drive more traffic to the correct pages on your site, thereby improving visitor experience and possibly increasing conversions.

Within the Health > Crawl Errors report, you can view broken inbound links that the Google search engine spider (“Googlebot”) has encountered, and the external pages that contain the broken links. You could further assess the impact of the broken link by drilling down in the Referral Traffic report within Google Analytics for the number of visits that the external pages are driving. (This is possible only if you have included the Google Analytics tracking code on a custom page-not-found page, which is highly recommended as part of your Google Analytics implementation.)

Fixing the broken link can benefit you in two ways. For one, it can help direct more visitors to the correct pages on your site instead of an error page. Secondly, it can potentially improve your organic rankings within Google, thereby driving more traffic.

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One thought on “Identify Broken Inbound Links with Google Webmaster Tools Crawl Errors

  1. I download the list of errors from GWMT & BWMT, put them into one spreadsheet then run them through screamingfrog via list mode to verify.

    Then I start hacking away at it.

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