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GA Tip of the Day blogger Eric Fettman is developer of Google Analytics Test and resource editor for Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam study at iPassExam.

Google Analytics Test

Google Analytics Test serves two related purposes:

  • Learn how to use Google Analytics in a practical business and technical context so you can steadily improve visitor experience, optimize conversions, and increase the value that your website generates for your organization.
  • Prepare for the Google Analytics certification (GAIQ) by completing tests that include detailed answer explanations and annotated screen shots. (Because of the broader context mentioned above, Google Analytics Test is considered significantly more difficult than the GAIQ itself.)

With 32 subject categories and more than 290 questions, you can customize your test to focus on certain topics, and you can take an unlimited number of tests.



The iPassExam Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam study is designed specifically to help you prepare for your GAIQ and closely reflects the current GAIQ in terms of subject matter and difficulty level.

Enter GATEST for a 10% discount. iPassExam offers a money-back guarantee.


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