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For Purpose-Specific Dashboards, Import from the Solutions Gallery

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You can select specialized dashboard templates from the Solutions Gallery.

Note from Eric: apologies for the long hiatus. Regular posting schedule resumes today.

When you’re creating a new dashboard, you have three options:

• blank dashboard

• standard template

• specialized dashboard from the Solutions Gallery

The first two options are perfectly suitable in many cases, but if you need a dashboard that is focused on
a specific industry or marketing/analytics function, the Solutions Gallery is a great place to start.

When you’re creating the new dashboard, click Import from Gallery the many great options that other community members have contributed.

Keep in mind that you’re only importing the dashboard configuration and that your own data will populate the template. You can customize the dashboard as you like, and if you find that the dashboard doesn’t suit your purposes, you can delete it.

Don’t reinvent the wheel for each dashboard that you need – take advantage of the templates in the Solutions Gallery.

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