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Find Out Your Google PageSpeed Score

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PageSpeed Insights provides specific recommendations for minimizing page load time.

Since the tip on checking page load time was posted, Google has increasingly promoted PageSpeed Insights, a new tool that analyzes your pages for load-time issues and scores them on the basis of 100 points.

PageSpeed Insights prioritizes very specific recommendations to minimize HTML, CSS, and JavaScript load times and thereby enhance user experience, conversion rate, and – at least in theory – search engine rankings.

YSlow, a browser plugin discussed in another previous post, provides similarly specific page-load analysis. Your search engine optimization team, however, may be particularly interested in PageSpeed Insights since it comes from the horse’s mouth, so to speak (Google, that is).

Whether or not you’re in a position to fully interpret or implement the PageSpeed suggestions yourself, it is wise for you, as a Web analyst, to stay abreast of page load issues and even specifically track your PageSpeed score on a regular basis.

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