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Expect a High Bounce Rate for Your Blog

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While alarming for most websites, a Bounce Rate of 63.45% would be fully acceptable for most blogs.

You spend hours meticulously composing every syllable of every post on your blog, so why is the Bounce Rate so high?

Actually, no matter how engaging your blog is, you can expect a high Bounce Rate for the very simple reason that Bounce Rate is defined as the percentage of the visitors who leave your site after viewing only a single page, and blogs in general are designed for consumption directly on the main page rather than navigation to internal pages.

Exceptions, of course, are blogs that display only the first part of each post on the main page. Since a full read of each post would require a clickthrough to another page, a high Bounce Rate would in fact be a negative indicator.

In an upcoming post, we’ll look at a more useful way to measure Bounce Rate on a typical all-in-one-page blog or a single-page site.

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