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Enhance Quantitative Analysis with Qualitative Inputs: Run a Usability Test

Optimization is not only about analytics. While quantitative data is indispensable for website optimization, the qualitative feedback from usability testing can quickly provide insights that would take much longer to garner from Web Analytics data.

For example, it would be nearly impossible for Web analytics data on its own to indicate that you need a guarantee on your purchase page. A single usability test could quickly flag this potential issue. If one or two more testers voice the same concern, you might really need that guarantee.

You can run your first usability test for free at trymyui.com. (You’ll need to provide a credit card to sign up – just make sure to select one credit only, unless you want to purchase additional credits.)

Other types of qualitative feedback include surveys, as well as direct conversations with end users, colleagues, and clients who may have never had the opportunity to critique Web processes.

Of course, even with seemingly decisive qualitative feedback, we can’t assume that any change will increase conversion, so monitor key metrics after you make any change. Better yet, run a split test in Google Analytics Content Experiments or another testing tool to measure performance of the page variations.

In any case, don’t limit your optimization efforts to quantitative analysis. Incorporate qualitative channels for faster insights.

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