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Email Dashboards Monthly to Remind Colleagues, Managers, and Clients about Analytics

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Apart from the specific data points, emailed dashboards can be valuable as basic reminders.

Apart from the virtually endless combination of metrics and filters that you can configure into your dashboards, emailed dashboards can serve the very basic purpose of reminding executives, managers, colleagues, and clients that Google Analytics data is being collected and is available for further analysis at any time.

If your dashboard includes the most relevant metrics for your recipients, it is likely that they will periodically ask you to drill down into the data in ways that you, as the analyst, may not have thought of on your own. In short, they can help you ask the right questions for achieving actionable insights.

You can also email individual reports, but the inherent advantage of the dashboard is the variety of metrics it can present.

In any case, make sure to use the email feature in Google Analytics to keep your stakeholders engaged so they can help you focus your analysis on meaningful outcomes.

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