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Drill Down into a Referrer for Exact Referral Path that Drove Traffic

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Referral paths are the specific pages on referrer sites that drove traffic.

Several utilities, such as Bing Webmaster Tools, list the backlinks to your website but cannot provide any data on the actual number of visits that those backlinks have driven.

If you drill down into any referrer listed in the Referral Traffic report, you can see how many clickthroughs originated from specific pages on other websites.

Although it would not be possible to know the clickthrough rate for each link, since you do not have access to pageview data for other websites, it is still useful to evaluate how other sites are linking to you. The type of site, and the context in which the link appears, could provide input for your marketing campaigns and even new ideas on positioning your products and services within your own site.

At a minimum, it’s very interesting and gratifying to review inbound links from other sites, and we can’t deny the importance of interest and gratification as motivations in our roles as Web developers, marketers, analysts.

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