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Device/Browser Inventory for Responsive Testing (Custom Report Template Provided)

Custom reportview at full size

This custom report drills down from Device Category to Browser Version

Before rolling out a responsive or adaptive Website update to your users, it’s important to test the design changes on the same devices and browsers that your visitors are already using.

You can click the following link to import a basic device/browser custom report into one of your Google Analytics views:


If you are unable to source physical devices to test on, a fallback option is the device emulator built into Chrome or other available device emulators.

Note that in addition to the Users and Sessions metric, the custom report also includes Bounce Rate, just to demonstrate how current users are (and aren’t) interacting with your site across different devices and browsers.

In fact, if you have not yet incorporated any responsive/adaptive capabilities into your website, you could easily add metrics such as goal conversion rate and return visitors to the custom report to assess the need for a mobile strategy in terms of user counts and associated performance metrics. (Hint: the need is probably more urgent than you may think.)

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