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Decrease Visitor Anxiety through Credibility Indicators

Why should your visitors trust you?

Web users deal with a bewildering number of choices on a daily basis, and trust can be a critical factor in deciding which websites they engage with. Especially if your company or organization is not well known, credibility indicators can help to build trust and boost conversions.

Credibility indicators can appear in several forms, such as:

• Better Business Bureau or other industry trust seals

• credit card trust seals

• testimonials

• case studies

• photos and bios of management or customer service teams

• privacy and security policies

• money-back guarantee

Can we know for sure that these credibility indicators will increase conversions? No, but we can measure their effectiveness by:

• setting up content experiments to test page versions with and without credibility indicators

• measuring any increases in page value after you add credibility indicators to a page

• speaking with your customer service team – and your customers – for feedback on the credibility indicators (and for ideas on additional credibility indicators that may also be effective on your website)

• recording additions of credibility indicators as annotations

and subsequently checking conversion rates and other metrics

Make sure to try out a variety of credibility indicators on your home page, purchase page, and other pages on your site, and make sure to measure their effectiveness in building trust and increasing conversions.

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