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Create an Event for Clicks on Live Chat

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You can capture clicks on live chat as events.

Live chat can be a useful tool for visitor engagement on your site. If you have implemented live chat, you can track each click on live chat as an event.

As an example of implementation, let’s say that you’re currently calling live chat through a click on an image as follows:

<img src=”/images/live-chat-icon.png’ onclick=’openLiveChat()”>

To track clicks on live chat, you can add a Google Analytics event to onclick:

<img src=”/images/live-chat-icon.png” onclick=”openLiveChat();_gaq.push(['_trackEvent','livechat','click'])“>

You can use whichever naming convention you have established for your event categories, actions, and labels.

In an upcoming post, we’ll discuss how you can use the live chat events that you have captured.

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