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Find Scripting Errors with the Chrome JavaScript Console

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The Chrome JavaScript Console displays scripting errors.

You access a new page on your website and check the Google Analytics Real-Time > Content report, but the page is not listed.

You then check Google Tag Assistant in Chrome, and – surely enough – you see a red “Not Working” error.

You right-click directly on the page, select View Source from the context menu, and verify that the Google Analytics tracking code is present on the page.

Why isn’t the page tracking?

The problem could be a JavaScript error. Any script error that occurs higher up in the page source than your Google Analytics tracking code will prevent the tracking code from executing.

Even if you’re not in a position to fix JavaScript errors yourself, you can take advantage the Chrome JavaScript Console as an primary tool for troubleshooting problems with the tracking code and other Google Analytics elements such as events and custom variables.

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