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Check SEO Keywords in Your Content Experiment Variations

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Check on-page SEO factors in your Content Experiment variations.

The good news: you’re ranking number one on Google for “oil paints”.

The bad news: your conversion rate is low. Fewer than 1% of visitors are purchasing your oil paint sets.

A potential solution: begin running Content Experiments on the home page and successively moving the higher-converting variations into position as the default home page.

A potential downside: the winning variations don’t rank as well on Google.

By verifying that the on-page factors for your page variations, such as keyword occurrences, are comparable to your current home page, you could minimize the chances of a drop in the search engines after replacing the home page with a winning variation.

Be especially aware of your page title, probably the single most important on-page ranking factor, and your meta description, which may have some bearing on ranking but is even more important as the call to action for searchers to click through to your site.

Many tools are available for on-page SEO analysis, including the free http://www.seoworkers.com/tools/analyzer.html.

As a note, thank you to Jill Whalen for her expert perspectives and down-to-earth advice for SEO. Her weekly newsletter is a must-read for SEO practitioners.

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