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Check Regular Expressions for Goals as Advanced Filters in the Pages Report

Regex filter in the Pages reportview at full size

You can test regular expressions for your goals directly in the Pages report.

In a recent post, we used a Regexpal to test a regular expression for a goal. For a straighforward additional check, you can apply the regular expression as an advanced filter within the Pages report and verify that all pages that should match the regex are in fact listed in the table.


This assumes, of course, that you’re not configuring a goal for completely new pages; these pageviews must have already occurred for the pages to appear in the report.


Please note that a Page value in a report-level table filter does not have the same effect as a Page value in an advanced segment. That is, as a report filter, the matches are limited to the pages that directly match the filter and do not extend to all other pageviews that occurred during the same visit, which is the case for an advanced segment based on Page.

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