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Check Pageview and Event Tracking with Chrome Developer Tools

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You can check Google Analytics pageviews and events with the Developer Tools built into Chrome.

By taking advantage of the features built into Chrome for monitoring server requests, you can check that your pages are firing Google Analytics pageviews and events correctly:

1. Click the three-bar menu in the top right.

2. Select Tools > Developer Tools.

3. In the Developer Tools panel that appears at the bottom of the screen, select the Network tab.

4. Access a page on your website.

5. At the bottom of the Developer Tools panel, click Scripts, and locate ga.js in the list of requests on the left. This file, ga.js, is the Google Analytics Javascript file referenced by the Google Analytics tracking code in your Web pages.

6. At the bottom of the panel, click Images, and locate __utm.gif in the list of requests. This is the “tracking pixel” request to which ga.js appends a range of name/value pairs that Google Analytics parses into your reports.

Congratulations: Google Analytics has tracked this pageview successfully. If you also want to make sure that you have correctly formatted any event calls that you have included on the page – did I forget a single quote somewhere? – you can continue in Developer Tools as follows:

7. At the bottom of the panel, click the Clear button.

8. On your Web page, perform the action that is intended to generate an event.

9. Click __utm.gif in the refreshed request list, and select the Headers tab.

10. If, as formatted below, the Query String Parameters section lists utme with your _trackEvent parameters, Google Analytics has successfully tracked the event:


The Developer Tools feature is, in fact, particularly useful for checking events, since the Google Analytics Real-Time reports do not monitor events as they do pageviews.

In addition to Developer Tools in Chrome, you can check pageviews and events using the Firebug plug-in for Firefox – thanks to Pranshu Arya for outlining this procedure. You can also use the Web Inspector in Safari if you have enabled the Developer menu in your preferences.

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