Report Displaying Exactly How You Want It? Save It as a Shortcut

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Shorcuts preserve report settings.

If you’ve applied any special report settings that you want to easily access again, you can save a shortcut. In this way, shortcuts are somewhat akin to custom reports, in that they preserve specific report settings.

Shortcuts save the report as configured with any of the following features:

advanced segments

secondary dimension

• table filters, default and advanced

• table sorting by column

Comparison, Percentage, and other display types

One point to note is that shortcuts are not available under Share Assets in the view admin. Although it certainly would be useful to share shortcuts, advanced segments are created on a user-by-user basis, so the other GA users with whom you’d want to share the shortcut would not necessarily have all the necessary dependencies to recreate the shortcut configuration on their end.

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Secondary Dimensions: Quick and Intuitive

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The useful Secondary Dimension feature is available in most Google Analytics reports.

Secondary Dimensions tend to be somewhat overlooked in Google Analytics. This is unfortunate, because this handy feature can often provide exactly the information you’re looking for.

Among the virtually countless combinations of data that Secondary Dimensions provide, consider:

  • landing page + country: In the Site Content > Landing Pages report, apply Country / Territory as a Secondary Dimension to see the first page that visitors from each country are first exposed to on your website.
  • organic keyword + search engine: In the Sources > Search > Organic report, apply Source as a Secondary Dimension to see which keywords drove traffic to your website from Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.
  • page + referrer: In the Site Content > All Pages report, apply Source as a Secondary Dimension to see which pages are being viewed by visitors who clicked through from other specific sites.

If you need to pair any two types of data in Google Analytics, look first for the Secondary Dimension popup menu – it’s available in most reports.

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