In-Page Analytics Plugin for Chrome Overlays Data Onto Your Pages

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Page Analytics plugin for Chrome displays Google Analytics data directly on your page.

There are a range of useful Google Analytics extensions for Chrome. In a previous post, we discussed Google Tag Assistant. Today we look at the Page Analytics extension that overlays your Google Analytics data directly onto a page in the browser.

To use the extension:

1. Install and activate it.

2. In one tab, log into Google Analytics.

3. In another tab, access a page that is tracked under your Google Analytics login.

The Page Analytics extension will take advantage of Enhanced Link Attribution, if you have made that customization in your tracking code.

The Page Analytics plugin is a handy addition to our Google Analytics toolkit – not only for our own analysis, but as an aid for analytics communication with clients, colleagues, and managers.

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Enhanced Link Attribution for Better In-Page Analytics

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With Enhanced Link Attribution, the In-Page view shows clickthroughs for Javascript links and separate links to the same page.

The usefulness of the In-Page view in the Google Analytics Content reports has heretofore suffered from the following two drawbacks:


- Separate links to the same page, such as Home links in the page header and footer, showed the same number of clickthroughs.


- Only standard href links were tracked; Javascript links and redirects were not.


With Enhanced Link Attribution, you can now add two lines to your Google Analytics tracking code to eliminate these two issues, and also see multiple destinations for a single page element, such as a search button.


See the Google help page for the simple tracking code modification – definitely worthwhile for most websites.


Special thanks to Romain Damery for alerting us to this very significant update.

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