View Activity by City or Metro Area

Locations report for Europe by cityview at full size

Locations report drilled down to Europe with City selected as primary dimension.

Google Analytics offers great flexibility for viewing your reports by geographic location. By applying different dimensions (such as Continent) within the Locations report, drilling down into a specific value (such as Europe) and applying a different dimension again (such as City), you can display visits and goal completions at very specific levels of geography.

For the United States, you can also apply the Metro dimension to view the Locations report by metro area such as Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas.

The Locations report can help you potentially to identify the best locations for:

• focusing offline advertising

• attending or organizing a conference, a trade show, or classroom training

• opening an office or a brick-and-mortar store

• otherwise focuing sales efforts

The negative indicators might be as significant as the positive ones, since a geographic gap in your traffic could identify locations for spot-targeting Google AdWords campaigns, for example.

Apart from the actionabilty of the Locations reports, it’s just interesting to see where in the world your visitors come from.

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C’est Quoi Notre Taux de Rebond? – Switch Languages in Google Analytics User Settings

Google Analytics language settingsview at full size

You can display your Google Analytics reports in a range of languages.

Need to export an E-commerce report for the office in Bulgaria? Always wanted to know how to say “unique pageviews” in Spanish?

Just click Settings at the very top of any page in Google Analytics and select one of the many options in the Language drop-down.

The default language for your Google account remains at the top of the list regardless of your current language selection, so it’s always easy to return to your preferred language, even if you can’t remember how to say “US English” in Russian.

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