View Your Annotations as a Single List

Google Analytics annotations listview at full size

You can view a list of all annotations that you have created within a profile and that others have kept as shared.

A recent post emphasized the importance of annotations as chronological reference points for your Google Analytics data.

You normally create and display annotations within the Google Analytics reports, but you can also view your annotations compiled into a single list separately from the reports.

After clicking Admin in the top navigation, drill down to a profile, and then select Assets > Annotations to view not only the annotations that you have created within the profile, but those that other users have created and kept with the default “shared” setting.

In this way, you can view your annotations as a unified timeline.

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Use Annotations to Correlate External Events with Google Analytics Data

Annotationsview at full size

Annotations provide a timeline for correlating external events with changes in your Google Analytics data.

In our focus on the data that Google Analytics captures on its own, we can sometimes forget to keep a record of external news, industry, and marketing events – particularly non-digital marketing – that could affect traffic and conversions on our websites.

Did the 5,000 postcards that you sent out last week increase visits to the site for your garden supply store? Did the debut of the 2013 hybrid models drive more traffic to your car dealership’s site? More visitors to ski resort websites after the big snowstorm?

Very simply, you can’t make any correlation to external events if you can’t remember when the events occurred, so you should create an annotation for any event that could affect visitor behavior.

As additional follow-up, you can periodically access all your annotations as a list under Admin > Profiles > Profile Name > Assets > Annotations and review the impact of each event on your traffic data.

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