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Campaign Parameters for Inbound Links from Documents

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Use the URL Builder to configure campaign parameters for inbound links from documents.

A previous post discussed campaign parameters for inbound links from emails to prevent the clickthroughs from appearing in your reports as direct traffic. This also applies to inbound links to your site from documents such as PDFs: use campaign parameters, or resulting traffic will be treated as direct.

As with all Google Analytics campaign tracking, you can choose your own parameters, and you should make sure to use a naming convention that will generate organized campaign data.

From a PDF, for instance, you might specify the following campaign parameters:

• utm_medium-doclinks

• utm_source-pdf

• utm_campaign-winter-catalog.pdf

From a PowerPoint deck that your Website visitors can download, you might use the campaign parameters below:

• utm_medium-doclinks

• utm_source-powerpoint

• utm_campaign-conference-presentation.pps

You can use any parameters that will generate meaningful and structured campaign data. Take advantage of the URL Builder to ensure correct formatting.

Special thanks to Mohammed Huzaifa for highlighting campaign parameters in inbound document links as a new question on Google Analytics Test.

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