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Bing & Yahoo Organic Nonbranded Advanced Segment (Install Link Included)

Bing and Yahoo nonbranded organic advanced segmentview at full size

An advanced segment for nonbranded Yahoo and Bing traffic can help address the (not provided) issue.

Since the time we discussed the Non-Paid Search Traffic advanced segment that is built into Google Analytics – and why you should avoid it – the totality of (non provided) has eliminated our ability to directly track performance of organic nonbranded Google traffic in Google Analytics.

However, we can still take advantage of Bing and Yahoo keywords to gauge performance of our organic nonbranded traffic. Additionally, the branded vs. nonbranded breakdown that we can easily calculate for Bing and Yahoo could help us estimate the branded vs. nonbranded percentages for Google organic traffic as well.

To apply a Bing/Yahoo organic nonbranded advanced segment to your Google Analytics reports, click the link below (and just make sure to edit the advanced segment with your own domain and company name for the keyword-exclude conditions):


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