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Apply the Converters Segment to Focus on Success Factors

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The Converters segment includes users who have completed an Ecommerce transaction or a goal.

Google Analytics now provides the Converters advanced segment, which you can apply to your reports to view the pageviews, events, sources, and other characteristics that constitute successful visits.

More accurately, the Converters segment is defined with Users as scope, so it segments based on users who have converted or transacted during any session. If you instead want to segment only for the same sessions during which the conversion or transaction actually took place, you can copy the Converters segment and change the scope from Users to Sessions.

Similarly, if you want to focus only on Ecommerce transactions or the completion of a specific goal, you can define an advanced segment for users or sessions with goal 2 completions greater than 0, as an example.

In any case, segmentation in general is essential for gaining actionable insights from your reports. The Converters segment, or a similar segment that you create yourself, can specifically help you identify your success factors so you can adjust your Website navigation and marketing initiatives to generate more Ecommerce transactions and goal completions.

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