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Advanced Segment for Visits with Live Chat

Advanced segment for live chatview at full size

In your conversion reports and most other Google Analytics reports, you can apply an advanced segment based on live chat.

Yesterday’s post discussed how to create a Google Analtyics event for clicks on live chat. With the event captured, we can see how many visitors are using live chat, but we can also see how live chat engagement corresponds with other behaviors, such as goal completion.

Assuming the you have used “livechat” as your event category, you can define two advanced segments as follows:

Advanced segment with live chat:
Include – Event Category – Containing – livechat

Advanced segment with live chat:
Exclude – Event Category – Containing – livechat

In the example screen shot, we can see that visitors who click live chat are three times more likely to convert. While it’s possible that the typical live chatter was already more committed to the conversion activity and would have converted at a higher rate even without live chat, the higher conversion rate observed for the live chat segment might indicate that you may at least need to make live chat more prominent on your pages to see if that increases overall conversions.

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2 thoughts on “Advanced Segment for Visits with Live Chat

  1. Referring to the screenshot, in terms of goal value, Visit without Live Chat pulls in $242,660 vs Visit with Live Chat is only $9020

    Going by this analysis, should the website do away the Livechat?


    • Actually, what’s perhaps most significant here is that the conversion rate for visits with live chat was three times that of visits without live chat. The next step would be to make live chat more prominent on your site to test if more visitors click it and if that raises overall conversions/conversion rate.

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