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Add a Custom Page Value Widget to Your Dashboard

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You can add a custom Page Value widget to your dashboard.

After reading the recent post on the very important Page Value metric, you might want to highlight Page Value by adding it to your Google Analytics dashboard.

However, if you click Add to Dashboard in the Page report – where the Page Value metric appears – the only metrics available are Pageviews and Unique Pageview.

To add Page Value to your dashboard, you can click Add Widget directly in the dashboard, select Table format, then select Page Value as a metric (along with other relevant metrics such as Pageviews) and Page as the dimension.

With Page Value as the first metrics column, your table will sort by default with the greatest page value at the top, and you’ll easily be able to see which pages are really pulling the most weight on your site.

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2 thoughts on “Add a Custom Page Value Widget to Your Dashboard

  1. I love this one. I haven’t used page value a lot but I love widgets and I will for sure be adding this to some of my dashboards.

    Thanks Eric!

    • Jake, very glad you like this post. Page value is very useful but pretty neglected overall. Thanks for the feedback.

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