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Love Thy Visitor as Thyself

Today’s post is dedicated to the 26 adults and children lost on December 14th in the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, USA. May we honor these individuals, and all victims of war, violence, oppression, and cruelty, by striving each day for greater consciousness and compassion throughout the world.

Love is not usually thought to be a required element of Web analytics, but there are at least two reasons that it may be essential.

First, a person who has chosen to visit your website among the millions and millions of possible options has already made some connection with you and your organization. Their time and attention, even before conversion, is worth some genuine gratitude and recognition.

Secondly, for conversion optimization, a little love for our visitors helps us build the type of experiences that we would like to have ourselves. Is your website organized for ease and clarity? Have you removed friction from your user processes? Have you reassured your visitors that your organization is trustworthy and that you will completely fulfill the promises of your product or service? Have you made them feel good overall about interacting with you?

Let’s be grateful for the time that visitors spend on our websites, and compassionate enough to provide a positive and beneficial experience. Before the specific tools and tactics of Web analytics and optimization, let’s start with some basic love and respect for all visitors. Only good things can come of that for everyone.

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