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Install a Free Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress

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WordPress offers several free Google Analytics plugins.

The extensibility of the WordPress platform and the contributions of the WordPress developer community allow us to add endless capabilities to WordPress sites, usually with minimal setup, and often for free. Among available plugins are several that inject the Google Analytics tracking code into your pages.

As a minimum for configuration, you’ll need to specify your UA number, or Google Analytics Property ID, which you can access within the Google Analytics interface for your property, either on the admin screen or within the tracking code provided.

If you’ll need to configure cross-domain or subdomain tracking, make sure that the plugin permits the necessary changes to the tracking code.

Apart from installing the tracking code, some of the Google Analytics plugins allow you to include a Google Analytics dashboard on your WordPress site, either for yourself as administrator or for your visitors.

If you don’t find a plugin that allows sufficient customization of the Google Analytics tracking code for your needs, you can always add customized code to your pages by manually editing the WordPress include files – more on this in an upcoming post.

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